Restoring a Liverpool Property

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Recently I was asked to paint and decorate a Grade 2 listed building nestled in the Liverpool city centre which holds a particular place in Liverpool’s housing history. The area was by celebrated architects in the early 1900′s. You can read a more in-depth history of the properties online. However in brief; they were styled in a rich elaborate style taking their inspiration from grandiose European properties from previous centuries.

When first entering the property in Liverpool it was not hard to see that the bulk of this project was in the immaculate restoration and decoration of the wood panelling throughout the property

The wood had been painted in possibly the last 7-12 years but underneath the paint was a polish that had not been stripped off hence the paint had not properly adhered to the wood surface and easily scratched and flaked off. To fix this all the paint had to be stripped off back to bare, the layer of troublesome polish then had to be removed before redecorating and renovating all the panels and woodwork. This was a tough task, especially considering the short deadline for the project faced by our Liverpool decorators.

To restore this 100-year-old timber was an extremely time and labour consuming

  • To remove the button polish our highly skilled Liverpool decorators treated the wood with a mixture of methylated spirits and nitromores in turn neutralising the polish thus allowing a primer to adhere to the wood.

Polish was then removed and primed all surfaces with a high performance primer.

Time for a four coat filling, under coating and sanding process to restore the wood to an almost like new state but while keeping the woods age and character. We used an oil based Dulux undercoat to build up our base coats.

To undertake a project of this magnitude there were a team of 6 decorators on site everyday!

The colossus prep undertaking for our Liverpool decorators was a momentous time shared by all.

Liverpool Commercial painter


Due to the many uninformed artists that are coming up each day in the world of painting, it is always good you be informed about the characteristics and traits to always check for when looking for one of these people. Ethics is one among the many traits that a Liverpool commercial painter always tries to stress when it comes to the working relationship. This has greatly resulted, too many people opting for him or her more than any other kind of painter. In most cases this this kind of painter tries to balance the working time and the time for advertising his or her work. 

A Liverpool commercial painters is one that has the art of painting in the blood rather than minor painting tips practiced by other ordinary painters. Originality and quality are always his or her principle in all times. For this reason more often than not many people prefer hiring one whenever there is a need. The other thing that makes this kind of a painter to strive more than the other kind of painters in the market, it is the spirit of marketing his or her work. This does not only help in meeting the largest number of profitable clients, but also clients who are advantageous in marketing his or her work to other people thus promoting the business.

Impressionism is the other characteristic that this kind of painter always emphasizes when doing painting job. The essence of immediacy is always his or her tactic in capturing the opportunities for the many clients in this line of the market. Some of the various styles that a Liverpool commercial painter uses to bring out a nice painting work depend with the kind of painting you desire. In most cases he or she may use asymmetrical balance other time colored shadows. Apart from these two techniques, he or she may decide to use pure color or broken color on your painting work depending on your taste and preference. It is therefore necessary you always discuss with them before they start working on your offer.

When you decide to become a painter it is good to always remember that imagination, passion and free mind are some of other traits and characteristics that a painter possesses for the right job. This is especially when it comes to Liverpool commercial painter who is well known for his or her uncompromised painting work. To add on these traits, creativity is also an element that you may assume but it is a very important characteristic when it comes to painting work especially for the commercial painter like the case of Liverpool commercial painter. When he or she combines this creativity with some accuracy, you will always get the best out of his or her work.

  Being resilient is still another characteristic that this painter emphasizes always. Whenever a mistake is committed during painting work, more often than not there is the need to admit the mistake and focus on the solution of the problem. After practicing all these characteristics from a Liverpool commercial painter, it follows that one will always have the best painting experience thus promoting your business to the next level.

Commercial Painters Liverpool


Commercial painters Liverpool are a dedicated lot of people who work hard to keep Liverpool bright, colorful and cheerful.  In this article I will touch on a few general things that you as a potential employer should know about commercial painters Liverpool.

To start off, we’ll cover how to get one such painter in the first place. Probably the safest and most reassuring way of getting a commercial painter in Liverpool is through an introduction or referral from a friend who has used a certain painter and is pleased with the results they got from the painter. If you are in the market for a quick paint job, start with friends around you, they will be the fastest way to get in touch with commercial painters Liverpool. The yellow pages and the internet come in second. They are at the same level because the chances of you coming across commercial painters Liverpool are entirely dependent on the time and effort you invest in finding one. These two sources are mostly about trying your luck and finding who can do it the way you want it done.

So now you have employed a certain commercial painter and they have started off, how do you know for sure they are doing the right thing? You may have employed them after being assured they are legitimate painters, but what if they just appeared so? Any commercial painters Liverpool will follow the below steps before starting any paint job.

First, seal all cracks on the surface to be painted. This ensures there are no weak points in the new coat that is about to be applied. The principle behind this is similar to that used when a house is being constructed, have a strong foundation for a house that will serve you longer. The next step will be to ensure that the painting surface is clean. In the case of wood, the sawdust and dust could just be dusted off. Stone buildings do not have much cleaning to be done on them, except maybe a simple dusting. If it is within a house that has furniture of any kind, the furniture should be covered to avoid permanent staining. Oil based paint is very stubborn once it gets into any kind of fabric or surface. When the actual painting commences you should notice that the first layer, foundation layer, is somewhat almost translucent. This layer is usually white water based paint. What I mean is that you can still see the color of the surface being painted on. The layer that follows is now much darker and closer to the color you had chosen. Any new fresh coat of paint on any surface should be done in at least two layers for a durable paint job.

commercial painters Liverpool are strong believers in quality and most will give quality work that is bound to leave a smile on your face. With their wide array of tools every nook and cranny will be painted over. Contact a commercial painter in Liverpool now and put them to the test.

Commercial Decorators Liverpool


Decorating any premises that you own is a task that should be entrusted to professionals for that quality finish that you want. Your bedroom, garage, sitting room and workplace all require different approaches when it comes to decoration. What will be fit for the bedroom will definitely not be apt for the garage, it is because of such fine details that commercial decorators Liverpool emphasis that you consult with the professionals.

Other options may crop up between the time you start looking for the professionals, commercial decorators Liverpool, and the time you settle down for one particular decorator. Friends and relatives may have the best of intentions and will want to decorate your premises for you at nearly half the cost you would be charged by commercial decorators Liverpool. These options may seem very lucrative and tempting thanks to the ground low expenses, this however will come back to haunt you in future. Chances are two to three years down the line you will have repaired or found several things that were not done to your liking. This will translate into an increase in the overall expense that you put into decorating your place. With commercial decorators Liverpool, such mishaps will be reduced to an absolute zero percent. I am sure this already sounds worth your money.

Decoration is a serious field that requires studying and mastering over a period of time. Different places require different types of decorators. It is because of this that interior designers and exterior designers have come up. Each of these specializes in a specific field when it comes to decorating, they work together to give a complete masterpiece. Commercial decorators Liverpool is well aware of this and have their workforce backed up by enough of each of these two groups of people.

Commercial decorators will hire only the best of employees so as to be ahead of the competition. This ensures that any time you visit commercial decorators Liverpool you are walking into the best there is in terms of decorating. These educated teams have sufficient knowledge to transform your room into that beautiful piece of art you had pictured it as. Commercial decorators Liverpool is stocked with the latest in decorating equipment. These commercial decorators in Liverpool are one stop shops for all your decorating needs.

Commercial decorators Liverpool not only offer their technical services but also their knowledge. If you have been having a hard time deciding on which way to go when it comes to decorating your room, what colors to use or what fabric best suits the room and its purpose then you should pay a visit to commercial decorators Liverpool and get the advise that you so desperately need. Commercial decorators Liverpool is reputed for their good quality work. However, there is no way to be sure of their quality and reliability if you do not try them out for yourself. Get yourself a commercial decorator and experience for yourself firsthand what they are capable of.

Decorators in Liverpool


Decorators in Liverpool just like all over the world come with different specializations and skills. The field of decoration is wide and has prompted the development of various professions. The number of decorators in Liverpool is too large to be covered in this single article; however I will touch on two of these decorators and explain more what they do.

For you who have large plain empty rooms with a lot of untapped potential in terms of design, you will require a decorator who is professionally called an interior designer. A plain room acts a canvass for interior decorators on which they will unleash their creativity. An interior decorator in Liverpool will have to spend time in the room, to fully comprehend the scale of the job ahead. They also get the chance to picture different possibilities for which they could try on your room. It is advisable to be in constant communication with your decorator. This goes without saying that if you live in Liverpool you should get a decorator in Liverpool as well. This will save you a lot of transportation costs and it will ensure the constant communication is not broken.

Interior decorators Liverpool will plan the entire layout for your room or house. The colors will be matched to give you the harmonious flow of colors from the moment you set foot in the room. This same designer will help you decide on an appropriate fabric and other materials to use in your rooms so as to give the room a unique feeling. As you can tell, interior decorators will be in charge of much of what goes on in your house during the construction stage. This simply emphasizes the need for you to pick your decorators Liverpool carefully.

The other decorator in Liverpool I’ll talk about is the exterior decorator. They are basically in charge of landscaping, the outside appearance of your house or room and anything that is associated with the exterior of your house. Decorators in Liverpool are reputed to have designed some the most amazing exteriors such as the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. An exterior decorator Liverpool will generally be in charge of how the outside of your house or the building will look like. This will include everything from how the grass will be planted to the type of flowers that will be used to decorate, if any. The colors that will be used on the outside and the arrangement of pavements are all up to exterior designers.

Decorators in Liverpool have a hard time managing their many different clients. For you to have your work completed on time and with the degree of detail you expect there are a few things that you can do to help your decorator achieve this. Develop good communication between you and the decorator; this will enable him to get to you on time in the event that an issue arises. Releasing funds as soon as the decorator asks for them will also hasten the completion of the project. decorators in Liverpool are well rounded in their different fields and are should be used.