Restoring a Liverpool Property

Decorators Liverpool

Recently I was asked to paint and decorate a Grade 2 listed building nestled in the Liverpool city centre which holds a particular place in Liverpool’s housing history. The area was by celebrated architects in the early 1900′s. You can read a more in-depth history of the properties online. However in brief; they were styled in a rich elaborate style taking their inspiration from grandiose European properties from previous centuries.

When first entering the property in Liverpool it was not hard to see that the bulk of this project was in the immaculate restoration and decoration of the wood panelling throughout the property

The wood had been painted in possibly the last 7-12 years but underneath the paint was a polish that had not been stripped off hence the paint had not properly adhered to the wood surface and easily scratched and flaked off. To fix this all the paint had to be stripped off back to bare, the layer of troublesome polish then had to be removed before redecorating and renovating all the panels and woodwork. This was a tough task, especially considering the short deadline for the project faced by our Liverpool decorators.

To restore this 100-year-old timber was an extremely time and labour consuming

  • To remove the button polish our highly skilled Liverpool decorators treated the wood with a mixture of methylated spirits and nitromores in turn neutralising the polish thus allowing a primer to adhere to the wood.

Polish was then removed and primed all surfaces with a high performance primer.

Time for a four coat filling, under coating and sanding process to restore the wood to an almost like new state but while keeping the woods age and character. We used an oil based Dulux undercoat to build up our base coats.

To undertake a project of this magnitude there were a team of 6 decorators on site everyday!

The colossus prep undertaking for our Liverpool decorators was a momentous time shared by all.